Due to an active society, we have the opportunity to work in the state where there is a demand for justice and the rule of law.

There are many activists fighting for changes in Ukraine. They have an open and unwavering voice, independent of business or political interests, fighting for the interests of the entire country. Quite a few of our countrymen are defending us at the frontline against the external enemies, risking their lives every day. In addition, there are many honest journalists working in Ukraine who exercise their right to freedom of expression by providing us with truthful and unbiased information.

Our social responsibility to these people is a small gratitude, our duty, which we pay for a change for the better in our country. That is why we defend active citizens, veterans of the ATO, journalists who cannot defend themselves for lack of funds and whose constitutional rights have been outrageously violated, pro bono.

We take on those cases that concern the protection of honour, dignity and business reputation and protection from criminal prosecution. The reputation of the people we are defending is important to us. Therefore, our pro bono cases are first and foremost cases which we believe in.