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Criminal law department

Criminal law department

The department working areas are protection of business, protection from criminal persecution, registration and legal support of criminal proceedings.

We have a long experience that help us to prepare the criminal defense strategy more efficiently. The publicity of most cases, their complexity, and clients that rely on us in order to restore justice – these are the key factors that taught us to act efficiently.

In such cases, the client’s trust is very important. Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to the transparency of our actions, the explanation of case’s important details, proper information about  the current changes and potential risks.

Services in practice


Business protection

Pressure on business in Ukraine from competitors or the state is common if it develops. You can minimize the consequences of this pressure by introducing simple but important rules. We share practical experience with your security service and help implement these rules.

We always have the resources to go on a search, raid, or other unexpected visits to you. We will make such visits as public as is effective in securing your business.

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Protection against criminal persecution

We provide professional legal assistance in criminal cases of various categories. Our attorneys prepare high quality defense strategies that foreseen all the possible scenarios.

Area of focus:

  • Conducting investigations by attorneys and gathering evidence to prove the innocence of a suspected person, as well as to confirm the circumstances for release from punishment or mitigation of criminal responsibility
  • Support during investigative actions (e.g. search)
  • Protection of the client’s interests during criminal trial
  • Legal representation during court ordering of measures to ensure criminal proceedings
  • Appeals against illegal procedural decisions of the investigator/prosecutor or the court decision
  • Appeals against notification of suspicion
  • Initiation of the process of getting a compensation caused by illegal criminal prosecution
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Registration and legal assistance of criminal proceedings

Your rights and freedoms are the biggest value. If they are violated, the perpetrator must be held accountable. Our attorneys will analyze the circumstances of the event, determine the correct application of law, ensure the registration of criminal proceedings and further pre-trial investigation as soon as possible.

Areas of focus:

  • Analysis of factual circumstances and determination of the necessary criminal law qualification
  • Preparation of a statement to police or other governmental body
  • Complaint of inaction against omissions of the investigator
  • Preparation of the client for interrogation
  • Initiating the necessary investigative actions
  • Collection of additional evidence in order to prove the guiltiness of the person
  • Preparation of a civil lawsuit in criminal proceedings to receive compensation
  • Ensuring the legal representation of the client’s interests in courts of all instances
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White-collar crimes department

White-collar crimes are criminal offenses, when the suspects or accused persons are:

  • state or municipal officials
  • state owned or municipally owned enterprises officials
  • business owners
  • private enterprises lead management

We have launched a separate white-collar crimes department, as those criminal offences have a lot of peculiarities unique to them. In these cases a criminal defense strategy differs from other categories of criminal offenses.



  • White-collar crimes are usually closely related to economic relations or administrative regulation of a particular area (public procurement, lease of state property, privatization, construction, licensing, etc.) or the exercise of governmental powers by officials. For the best development of comprehensive criminal defense strategy it is necessary to involve attorneys from other fields of law.
  • Criminal proceedings connected with white-collar crimes have a typical set of specific For example, those can be the results of economic expertise, accounting and banking documents, documents related to the content of economic activities, documents covering job responsibilities of the suspected or accused persons.
  • Reputational risks are an important aspect of bringing a person to justice for this category of criminal offences. Even after receiving an acquittal, the reputation or goodwill can suffer, this circumstance is usually important for governmental officials and businessmen. We offer a comprehensive approach to protection against criminal prosecution, which includes public communication about the case.


White-collar crimes usually include the following criminal offences:

  • Misappropriation, embezzlement or conversion or property by malversation (Article 191 of the Criminal code of Ukraine)
  • Legalization (laundering) of criminally obtained money (Article 209 of the Criminal code of Ukraine)
  • Abuse of authority or office (Article 364 of the Criminal code of Ukraine)
  • Acceptance of an offer, promise or receipt of illegal benefit by public official (Article 368 of the Criminal code of Ukraine)
  • Illegal enrichment (Article 368-2 of the Criminal code of Ukraine)
  • Offer, promise or giving of illegal benefit to public official (Article 369 of the Criminal code of Ukraine)
  • Abuse of influence (Article 369-2 of the Criminal code of Ukraine)

Services in practice


State or municipal officials protection against persecution in corruption cases

Our company decides on the cooperation with the client only after documents’ analysis. We reserve the right to decline the cooperation proposal. This happens in case of obvious conflict between the case’s circumstances and the values of our company or with the values of our regular clients, for whom our public position is immensely important.

Regardless of whether we sign a legal services agreement or not, our lawyers obliged by the lawyer’s duty of confidentiality. The fact that you contacted us will remain secret.

We provide the following legal services:

  • Preparation of the detailed criminal defense strategy
  • Protection of the client during investigative actions and during court ordering of precautionary measures
  • Evidence gathering, application for the necessary examinations, witnesses’ interviews
  • Preparation and implementation of the case’s communication strategy
  • Representation in court proceedings

Why we are unique in this field?

  • Deep analysis. We do not use arguments like the absence of punctuation marks or availability of technical mistakes in the documents. Instead, we look into the case, provide the client and the court with the most detailed analysis of the situation.
  • We will help to convey your point of view to the media and stakeholders.
  • Usage of solely lawful methods of work. We are immensely creative and use this advantage in every We apply all the possible tools to protect our client. The only exception is a violation of legislation.
  • Our important aim is to shorten the amount of time when a client is considered to be suspected or accused.
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Business protection in criminal proceeding related to economic or corruption criminal offences

Businesses can face corruption when:

  • conclude public procurement agreements or become subcontractor under such agreements
  • otherwise receive money from the government budget (for example, it can be a contractor for international technical assistance projects)
  • receive reimbursements or loans from the government budget or from state owned enterprises
  • privatize/lease state or municipal property
  • engage in activities that require a special permit (for example, natural resources extraction)
  • cooperate with state owned or municipally owned


What then?

  • CEO, manager or business owner may become a suspected in a crime committed by an state or municipal official, state owned or municipally owned Even if the suspected person did not violate the legislation
  • The company may become a victim to searches, seizure of documents or
  • Counterparties, potential clients or business partners may become aware of criminal proceedings from the open court register or press releases published by law enforcement officers. Lack of proper communication can damage a company’s business reputation.
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ISO 37001:2016 “Anti-bribery management systems” standard’s implementation in organisations

Why do businesses need this standard to be implemented?

  • Development: compliance with anti-bribery requirements is highly evaluated by companies (primarily by large international corporations) that have a developed internal risk assessment system before contract signing.
  • Prevention of bribery and loss of funds by the organisations due to corruption.
  • Crimes prevention that may happen due to violations of the law by employees.
  • Creation of company’s goodwill.
  • The availability of the ISO 37001:2016 compliance certificate highly probable may be a requirement for the public procurement participants.

We implement the ISO 37001:2016 standard in the work of companies, institution and organisations. What services do we offer?

  • Assessment of bribery risks that exist in a specific organisation. It includes analysis of information about organisation’s activities and interviews with employees.
  • Determining the boundaries of the ISO 37001:2016 standard implementation. It includes preparation of a document that defines how the strategy should be applied.
  • Preparation of a measurement plan in order to implement the anti-bribery management system.
  • Development of procedures and policies required by the ISO 37001:2016 standard or assessment of available procedures and policies on the matter of compliance with the standard. 
  • Study programme development for employees and conduction of trainings.
  • Analysis of the document circulation system on the matter of compliance with the standard. 
  • Providing support for the evaluation of the anti-bribery programme’s effectiveness and the implementation of changes based on the evaluation results. This service can be provided by us or we can guide and support the work of separate specialised units within the organisation.
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Civil litigation department

Civil litigation department

Litigation is an effective mechanism for defending the rights and interests of people, businesses and non-governmental organisations.

Our lawyers work in various fields of law and have the competence to support litigation at all stages: from pre-action conduct to enforcement proceedings.

The department provides legal services in the following areas: family disputes, disputes with governmental bodies, antitrust law, debt collection disputes, inheritance disputes, etc.

We have established a process that includes preparing high quality defense strategies that anticipate the actions of opponents. Therefore, lawyers pay considerable attention to the careful preparation for the trial and form their own courtroom speech in a language clear to judges.

The company has invented alternative tools for communicating the position of lawyers to judges such as presentations, videos, and infographics. The goal is that the position of our lawyers, even in the most difficult court hearings, should be understandable and clear. This makes it difficult for some judges to be biased.

Services in practice


Family disputes

Usually, people get married with the thought that this is once and for all, which we sincerely wish you. But sometimes reality changes plans, so do not forget to protect your interests at the stage of marriage.

We will advise on all the legal details related to starting a family and help to conclude a marriage contract and protect it.

We are ready to go through the whole complicated process of divorce, division of property, recovery of alimony, deprivation, and restoration of parental rights, etc. We will help you to see through your complex emotions the purpose for which you came to us.

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Debt collection disputes

Moving to another country is always accompanied by endless paperwork. But not for our Clients. We are happy to do everything so that you do not have to waste nerves and time in queues.

We will help with obtaining the registration number of the taxpayer’s account card, work permit, and certificate of temporary or permanent residence.

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Labour disputes

The Ukrainian labour legislation still has a lot of soviet provision, thus, personnel record has to have a large amount of various documents. But we have already done this, so, you can contact our Company for a complete package of internal documentation drafts.

We also provide the following services:

  • Conducting a review of labour documentation
  • Providing consultation on redundancies
  • Preparation of appeals against inspection reports of the State Labor Service of Ukraine
  • Legal representation during court hearings
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Litigation and other methods of protection against decision of governmental bodies

Litigation and other methods of protection against decision of governmental bodies

Decisions made by the governmental bodies and its inaction can be challenged during pre-action conduct or in courts. The most common are tax disputes (e.g. appeals against tax compliance checks) and disputes with the State Labour Service of Ukraine(e.g. appeals against the results of labour inspections).

We accompany appeals against decisions of any governmental bodies. It can include pre-action conduct and litigation, giving advice for clients’ actions during government inspections and provide legal representation during such inspections.

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Inheritance disputes

These disputes are usually difficult long-term trials. For these cases it is crucial to gather a large amount of evidence.

Having a long experience in this field, we offer the following legal services:

  • Invalidation of wills
  • Receiving an additional term for acceptance of the heritage
  • Disheriting persons
  • Invalidation of the certificate of ownership
  • Changes in the order of inheritance
  • Recognition of ownership of inherited property
  • Establishing facts (e.g. living as one family)
  • Appeal against refusal of notarial actions, etc.

We also provide the following legal services: pre-action conduct, accepting the inheritance, legal representation in negotiations between the heirs.

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Antitrust law

Area of focus:

  • Consultations on antitrust law
  • Assistance with cooperation with the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine
  • Preparation of public procurement documents
  • Appeal against the buyer’s decision to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (e.g. regarding rejection of the bidder’s proposal)
  • Analysis and appeal against the buyer’s anti-competitive actions
  • Appeal against discriminatory conditions in the customer’s tender documentation
  • Appeal against procurement results
  • Legal representation in the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine
  • Appeal against decisions of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine in cases of violation of the legislation on protection of economic competition
  • Appeal against the decisions of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine adopted as a result of consideration of the complaint in accordance with the Law of Ukraine «On public procurement»
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Business protection department

One of the first legal services we started to provide was assistance in business setting up, incorporation, support and protection. We have been practicing the ability to ensure the security of our clients for years.

We have the experience in legal protection against hostile takeover, illegal registration and other forms of pressure on the business owners and employees by competitors or governmental bodies.

We have the knowledge and skills to identify the main risks faced by the business, so our legal services will help to protect clients’ enterprises from unnecessary government inspections, penalties and reputational damages.

We pay a lot of attention to the public communication strategy, as it currently provides an opportunity to protect business from the illegal behavior of governmental bodies. That is why our team of lawyers always includes public communication specialists who have successful cases of business protection in the media.

Services in practice


Corporate law

We strive to ensure that the legal issues of your business are associated with your peace of mind, confidence, and security. If you only plan to register a company and obtain permits, we will do so with a minimum of meetings with you. If you plan to structure the business – we will consult and tell you how to optimize it.

The emergence of new partners, investing in existing businesses, regulatory inspections, debt collection; in each situation, we have extensive experience and successful cases.

It is important to us that you are not distracted by the legal routine and entrust it to us. The development and success of your business are what we believe in when you become a Client of the company.

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Judicial and other methods of protection against hostile takeover

Medium-sized and large business owners should always be prepared for the fact that their asset can be a target of hostile takeover in Ukraine. Therefore, having experience in this field, we provide the following legal services:

  • Preparation of legal entity’s statutory documents
  • Preparation and support of the case in the Hostile takeover’ combatting office
  • Judicial support in courts of all instances regarding the abolition of illegal state registration and return of property to the rightful owner
  • Public communication of cases
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Investment due diligence

Due diligence is the process of collecting and analysing information in order to assess the legal, financial and tax risks associated with buying business or other objects. This allows you to develop an action plan in advance to prevent an unfavorable contracts.

Our service of due diligence includes:

1.Thorough checks of the objects

  • Preparation of objects’ detailed history
  • Examination of all the agreement and previous owners
  1. Checks of the seller
  • Research of selling history
  • Media check
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Intellectual property

Stop waiting until someone uses your name, idea, or invention! Your intellectual property must be protected. We will register a trademark, help to obtain a patent, and register copyright in Ukraine.

We will develop license agreements for you and provide support during pre-trial settlements and litigation for the protection of intellectual property rights. You can count on us.

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Migration issues

Moving to another country is always accompanied by endless paperwork. But not for our Clients. We are happy to do everything so that you do not have to waste nerves and time in queues.

We will help with obtaining the registration number of the taxpayer’s account card, work permit, and certificate of temporary or permanent residence.

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Land issues and support of construction projects

We provide a full range of services in the field of land issues and maintenance of construction sites. We will conduct a legal examination and due diligence of the situation with the land, obtain permits for the start of construction and put into operation following your project, accompanied by state registration of rights to real estate. We will represent your interests during litigation related to land, construction, real estate.

We are not limited to traditional approaches, and we are always one step ahead, so you should not worry that some legal detail will come out of nowhere and ruin your plans. We will anticipate it in advance and will do everything possible to eliminate similar problems in the future.

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Support of cultural events

We are delighted with our Clients’ activities and we need to be involved in your creative plan. Yes, we know that organizing a concert, festival or any other cultural event usually involves a lot of documentation and legal details.

So ensure it to us. We will receive permits, discuss the possible risks with your team, build algorithms for action, and after that a lawyer will accompany your event with a clear legal position. You will be able to fully dedicate yourself to the generation and implementation of your ideas. Your event inspires us to defend it.

Your event inspires us to defend it.

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Support of economic activity and administration

We provide professional legal support for business activities, which will protect you from risky decisions and ensure the security and stability of your business.

We will advise you on the application of legislation in business, help with drafting contracts and other legal documents, conduct a comprehensive legal audit, offer solutions for tax optimization, ensure the development of an optimal scheme of work, and further business security.

With us, the law will always be on your side.

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Subscriber service

If you need us to be there all the time, to be aware of your changes in the business and to warn about the risks for your business with its features – choose customer service.

We will always have up-to-date information on the legal issues of your business.

The list of services within the customer service is determined individually in agreement with the Client, taking into account the specifics of your activity.

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Non-governmental organizations’ legal assistance

Charity foundations and non-governmental organizations have to strictly follow the special requirements of tax legislation and make reports for the donors.  In the opposite case they may lose their nonprofit status or funding.

We have profound experience in this field, therefore, we may provide the following legal services:

  • non-governmental organization’s registration and statutory documents’ preparation
  • contract drafting and contract analysis
  • legal advice about legal relationship between donors and recipients of funding 
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